Old Hotel

© 2009 Melinda Patrick

Westside – Acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″
Contemporary realism, cityscape

Another **NEWS FLASH**
Old Hotel was accepted into the 2009 National Exhibition of the Marin Society of Artists.

Old Hotel was accepted into the Live Oak Art Center 2009 Juried Art Exhibition at 1014 Milam, Columbus, TX. Opening recption is May 16, 4 to 6pm. The show runs through July 4.

This old hotel is in Mineola, TX. I’ve painted it before. The last time I visited, they added a row of adirondack chairs and it looked great. The hotel is closed but it is in a building full of shops with room air conditioners.

I loved the image of the chairs all lined up and later became intrigued with the latticework of the skeleton of the awning.

I am particularly pleased with this painting because it fulfills my goal of taking a very complex image and sifting it down to a simpler image. Sometimes that’s hard for me to do.