Road to the Gulf

© 2009 Melinda Patrick
Road to the Gulf – Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 24″
Contemporary realism, landscape, cityscape

Another in my series of landscapes/cityscapes from Florida. This is the largest canvas I’ve worked since college. And it feels good. The larger canvases expand my style and just feel good to paint. I’ll be doing more this size and larger.

We drove to Key Largo, headed to Key West. Along the way, while still on Key Largo, I took an impulsive turn onto what looked like a residential, paved street that traveled in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico. Before long, the pavement turned into shell, then dirt, and then just dropped off into the water alongside this mid-century-style house. I love the house. I love the road. I love the view. And I love the Gulf.