© 2010 Melinda Patrick
Surfer, circa 1967 – oil pastels on carboard, 11.3″ x 16″
Contemporary realism, waterscape

While clearing out my mother’s house, I came across this oldie. What a shock! I always wondered what became of it. This was one of the pieces in the portfolio I presented to SFAI for admission.
When I got serious about art in the early 60s, I set up a studio in my parents’ garage and worked every night with musical accompaniment by the transister radio. My grandfather supplied me with chalk and oil pastels and I worked in those exclusively in that studio, producing a lot of portraits and other things such as this surfer image. Well surfing was big in those days. If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure oil pastels would suit my style these days but I may give them a shot.