About Melinda

I saw. I liked. I painted.
That pretty much sums up my assesment of my art philosophy.

Melinda Patrick is a Houston native. She’s been developing her art since she was a small child. Her grandfather, an accomplished painter and photographer, began mentoring her in the fine arts before the age of five.

The first public recognition of Melinda’s artistic talent came in the third grade when the class was asked to draw the State of Texas. The teacher was amazed at how accurate Melinda’s drawing was and for a minute thought it had been traced but she knew there was nothing in the room that could have been used to trace the state.

By the time she got to junior high school, Melinda was taking art class every semester and had developed a talent for portraiture, working in a garage studio space every evening. My art teacher was enthusiastic about this ability to draw recognizable portraits and every day pulled a student from P.E. to sit for a “portrait by Melinda.”

In high school, Melinda received art recognition in the form of awards and scholarships. She attended the scholarship class of the Houston Museum of Fine Art school for several years.

Melinda earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of the San Francisco Art Institute, where she majored in paint.