Paint color I use the most is . . .

After white, it’s Payne’s Grey. Yeah. It’s a color that’s been around a long time but I never glanced at it till the only TV painter I like mentioned it.

Outline in Payne's Grey
Outline in Payne’s Grey
Ok I use white more than anything else. I go through jars of it but it’s because I use it to mix colors a lot. I use it full strength on a canvas as little as possible. Normally I use unmixed paint only at the start of a canvas and blend the colors I want in the last stages.

Payne’s Grey plays right into my painting technique. Instead of using pencil or charcoal to lay out an image, I get a good sized round brush and slap on the outline of what I want to paint. Sometimes it shows through in the finished painting and sometimes not. I like the effect it makes peeking through.

At the top of the post is an example of the start of a painting outlined with Payne’s Grey. Sloppy is good and it is a sloppy outline.

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